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You are invited to become an official University Partner for the upcoming switchon.


As an Official University Partner you will receive the following benefits;


  • Your University Logo and link to your University Profile page will be added to the Partners webpage.

  • 3 free All Access Tickets for your students

  • Provided you refer a minimum of 3 people, you will receive a complimentary switchon All Access Pass.

  • You will earn 30% affiliate referral commission per person for each referral from your University that registers after clicking your affiliate referral link, click here to join our affiliate program.

  • Event Calendar – Add switchon to your website Events Calendar, including; logo, date, venue, conference description and referral registration link.

  • Banner – Add one of the Conference Banners to your website homepage with referral registration link.

  • Social Messages – Share information about the Conference on all Social Media Profiles a minimum of three times leading up to the event.

  • Newsletter Announcement – Send details about the Conference in a minimum of 1 newsletter sent to Business Chamber mailing list no later than 60 days prior to the Conference.

How to Apply:
There are 2 simple steps to apply.
  • Optional: Sign up to the FREE switchon Affiliate Program to get your unique affiliate referral link (you will need this to earn affiliate commission on referrals). Click here to sign up now, 

  • Submit the application form below and you will be notified if your application has been successful by Event Management within 24-48 hours.


24 FEBRUARY 2021

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