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Effecting Business Transformation Through the Power of People & Technology

- Changing the culture & mindset from the top-down, starting with senior management
- Investing in people to create a forward thinking & agile business of tomorrow


Galith Nadbornik, Vice President IT, Lindström Group

Driving Transformation with Automation & AI at Scale

- Leveraging a broad automation & AI toolbox to achieve business benefits

- Realising benefits & measuring results across a global enterprise


Kanda Kumar, Director Automation & AI, Ericsson

Innovate with No Limits: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Low-Code

- Innovate to disrupt

- Transform with the speed & agility of Low Code

- Cases & Demo


- Erik Lönnbark, Partner, Centigo AB

- Jonas Rutström, Senior Solution Architect, OutSystems

Value Driven Decisions in Software Development

· Technical reasons why projects fail - the psychology of over-engineering & value substitutes

· Making it safe to make it simple - value driven decision making in software development


Martin Mortensen, Senior Customer Journey Architect, Danske Bank

10:45   Networking Break & One 2 One Meetings

Industrial Digitalisation – the Mine of the Future

- Why you need to care about Cyber security when using IIoT

- 6 things you need to do as an IT leader next week


Göran Kördel, CIO, Boliden Group

Stronger Together: Why Enterprises are Turning to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Solutions

- As companies are becoming digital, how are they using cloud to make this move?

- The key areas you need to consider when building & adapting your cloud strategy

- What are the benefits of using multi-cloud together with on-Prem?


Henrik Nieminen, Global Solution Architect, Equinix

Fund & Scale Digital Customer Experience to Improve Profitable Growth

- Digital innovation funding & processes

- Cross divisional collaboration in a global context

- Customer centric approach to development


Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar, Head of Digital Customer, Stora Enso

12:30   Networking Lunch & One 2 One Meetings
Tracks Session
Artificial Intelligence

Boost your AI Journey

- Connect with other organisations to understand the possibilities of AI

- How Swedish public sector use cross sector networking to accelerate AI adoption


Nader Svärd,

CIO, Tillväxtverket

An Alternate Approach to Success in Artificial Intelligence

- Busting the common myths related to AI initiatives

- Automating OCR for the most complex cases of hand written text


Majid Ali,

Head of Business IT, Posti Messaging

Digital Workspace

Intranet as an Enabler of DW - Improve Communication, Collaboration & Productivity

- The need for continuous improvements and effective change management

- How we work with KPI:s and involve key stake holders to focus on the right things


Ralf Larsson,

Director Employee Engagement, Electrolux


Rapid Response to Business Demands

- Building & enabling a successful micro-services team

- What we did wrong, understanding & implementing best practices


Will Perkins,

VP Microservices, River Island

Best Practices for Microservices

- Lay the foundations to respond to change & gain a competitive edge


Johann du Toit,

Technical Lead, QVIK

Robotic Process Automation

Succeeding with Robotic Process Automation - the Story from SSAB

- Key success factors & potential pitfalls - Change management & RPA


Anna Lagerhed,

Head of RPA, SSAB

14:45   Networking Break & One 2 One Meetings

Panel Discussion - Innovating the Future from the Inside Out

- Illka Lipasti, Group VP - Global Business Transformation, ABB

- Galith Nadbornik, Vice President IT, Lindström Group

- Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar, Head of Digital Customer, Stora Enso

Moderated by: Per Defalva, CIO, PwC


The Long Journey Towards True Business Agility

- How to get it started & the speed it up

- Keeping it moving in the right direction - lessons learned


Risto Reinikainen, Head of Lean Agile CoE, Telia Finland

Growth Teams – How to Implement Rapid Experimentation at Scale

- What are growth teams & growth hacking

- How we started - With digital transformation moving so fast what responsibility do we have for growth


Kathryn Redgård, Growth Manager, e-ON

Insourcing in a Scaled Agile IT Environment in Arla

- From 4 to 100+ internal colleagues within a year

- Maintaining delivery speed & culture

- Why large enterprises might you rethink external/internal colleague percentages

- What it required to build and redefine the IT organisation


Henrik Bjerre, IT Manager, Arla Foods

Deep Disruption - How Business can Survive the coming 'Great Global Weirding’

The 2020’s are set to be the decade of backlash. The first Millennials will be turning forty.

Gen-Z will be shaking the gates. Negative Interest Rates, Modern Monetary Theory and Universal Basic Income will disrupt the very concept of money…


What does it all mean for the successful enterprise wishing to navigate the next decade


Toby Weston, Digital Architect, Swiss RE & Science Fiction Author www.tobyweston.net -

17:20   Chairman’s Closing Remarks
              Per Defalva, CIO, PwC
17:30   Networking Drinks Reception
09:00   Chairman’s Opening Remarks
               Per Defalva, CIO, PwC
08:30   Morning Mingle & Registration



10 FEBRUARY 2021

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